• Painted steel frame
  • Polyethylene main tank, system washing kit and handwashing kit
  • Dry graduated level gauge
  • Low pressure pump
  • Ø13mm 5 ways electrical proportional control unit
  • Suction filter
  • Compact and ergonomic valves with quick coupling for tank filling unit hose
  • Tank agitation system through water tank return
  • Breakwater bulkhead into the main tank
  • 35lt mixer with spring-assisted mobile support
  • Tank inside washing kit
  • System washing kit with non-return valve
  • Variable track axle (1400-1800mm, 1800-2100mm reversing wheel centre, with standard hubs and wheels)
  • Ladder with platform
  • Multifunctional drawbar (tracking drawbar hitched to the tractor elevator arms / fixed with towing eye)
  • Disc brake for tracking drawbar
  • 230/95-36 (9,5r36) wheels, 8 hole hubs
  • 1500mm stroke hydraulic height adjustment, with quick coupling (1 single- acting tractor control)
  • Self-levelling device with cable automatic locking
  • Hydraulic rear x folding boom
  • Hydraulic hoses and 3 functions switch kit : right arm – left arm – both arms (1 double-acting tractor control)
  • Quick coupling type unijet
    Air induction nozzle „T-aixr” 110 04 (red)
    Jug for nozzles check